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LABA7 shock dyno

The future of shock dynos

Dial in your suspension with a click of a button

Built by racers. With passion.

We are engineers first, racers second

LABA7 products are built using premium components and are built to last. We strive to create the most user-friendly suspension testing technology that has proven its reliability in the market.

LABA7 shock dynos

A dyno for every occasion

Our range of shock dynamometers can suit your needs

Whether you are opening a suspension workshop or are an experienced professional, we have the right machine for you. And if can't find what you need, we will create a custom solution for you.

Built with you in mind

LABA7 software is so easy to use that anyone can do it.

With a press of a button you can see live suspension dyno graphs of the shock absorber you are testing.

LABA7 software - force vs displacement graph

Any fork. Any shock.

An adapter to fit any of it

Whether you are working with bicycle, motorcycle, car or 4x4 suspension – our damper dynos can test it all with the right adapter kit.

LABA7 adapter for forks and shock absorbers
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