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19000 EUR


Plus applicable tax

Heavy Shock Dyno

The Heavy shock dyno is the most powerful version of our shock dynamometers. Having the shielding it already can take most powerful shock absorbers and is best suited for offroad cars, 4X4 or advanced motocross suspension work. It will test shock absorbers to their limits having the highest power and speed in our range of shock absorber dynamometers. 

Up to 3m/s



Maximum force





Scotch-yoke system for accurate linear motion

IR temperature sensor (from -70°C to +380°C)

Maximum force



8 - 3000mm/s





Medium power

10HP - 380V

Mast length 130cm

Technical specifications

Diagnose a faulty shock absorber

Find out what is wrong with the shock absorber easily and fix it. The Force vs. Displacement graph accurately depicts what is happening with the shock absorber under compression and rebound. All the problems can be read from the graph and you will know how to solve it without spending hours guessing.

Compare how the shock works before and after servicing, tuning or any other adjustment

Run the shock absorber before and after you do any changes with it, such as different shock absorber settings or shim configurations, and see the effects immediately. As well as understand how you need to adjust the shock according to the clients needs.

See the effects of adjusters or valving changes

Easily see what effects the re-valving or adjusting has on the characteristics of the shock absorber/fork on the force vs. velocity graph. 

Compare shocks to one another

Whether it is old vs. new, left vs. right, front vs. back, compare whichever shock absorbers or forks you wish. 

Print out your reports

Print out the reports of what was done with the suspension of your clients. Put your logo on it and present it to the client.

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