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3950 EUR


Plus applicable tax

Race Car Scales PRO

— 4 load sensors per pad for maximum accuracy

— 1200 kg load per pad (total 4800 kg)

— 0.015% accuracy with 100g resolution

— 5 point leveling (included)

— 2D or 3D visualisation 

— Operable via Android / iOS application 


Weighing your car should be as simple and accurate as possible. This is where LABA7 Race Car Scales come to play. 4 load sensors per pad, fully wireless operation and easy to use mobile application - all of that means that you will setup the car balance with ease. The last but not least is the pad deflection - due to billet aluminium we are talking about 1 mm deflection per pad only.
LABA7 Wireless race car scales pro


Dimensions - 400 x 450 x 59 mm

Measuring pad - 350 x 400 mm 

Weight - 13 kg per pad

Resolution 100 g, repeatability 15 g

3 AA batteries per pad (not included)

Pad deflection

1 mm

Load in kg

1200 kg per pad

Wireless operation

Two versions

Android and iOS


15 g repeatability


Technical specifications

Race Car Scales PRO

Maximum accuracy

4 load sensors per pad provides you with the most accurate weighing results. We are talking about 0.015% accuracy. In addition to that you have pad deflection of only 1 mm. 

Wireless operation

LABA7 Race Car Scales operate in a fully wireless way. Bluetooth 5.1 provides the speed and stability which is needed to connect to Android or iOS mobile application.

From lightest kit cars to trucks

Whether you have the lightest kit car or an off-road truck - it is not a problem as load capacity for each pad is up to 1200 kg without sacrificing weighing accuracy.

Levelling has never been easier

One of the trickiest parts with the car weighing is levelling. We have solved that with 5-point levelling screwable legs as well as the level itself incorporated into the scales.

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