Meet the shock dyno software

LABA7 software is so easy to use, anyone could do it

Wi-Fi connectivity

Forget wires, meet current-gen technology

Connect your computer to our shock dyno or spring tester via Wi-Fi. You only need a working Wi-Fi router for that. Internet connection is not needed.

Simple user interface

One button press is all it takes

When creating LABA7 software we were thinking about people who are going to use it. We made it simple and user-friendly. So you will not need to spend hours of your time just learning how to use it.

Gas pressure elimination

Pure hydraulic performance

By eliminating gas pressure we are able to show you only the hydraulic part of the shock absorber. You can see the difference in the graphs with and without the gas pressure.

Our shock dyno software is modern and simple to use. With a press of a button you can see live shock dyno graphs of the damper you are testing. Whether it is Force vs. Displacement or Force vs. Velocity - you get all the data plotted to see what is happening with your tested shock.

Frequently asked questions

Which operating systems are supported?

Currently the LABA7 application is only available on Microsoft Windows with .NET Framework 4.5.2 installed.

Do I need to have an internet connection to use Wi-Fi to interact with my dynamometer?

No, Internet access is not required. Both the dynamometer and the computer need to be connected to the same access point (router) to communicate.

Can I use my company logo on the result printouts?

Absolutely! We encourage you to upload your logo to our application which will the be seen on all printouts.

Is there a way to connect to the dynamometer without Wi-Fi?

Yes! You can operate the dynamometer by connecting it to your computer with a USB cable.