Shock Dynamometers

Bring your workshop to the next level with the ease of use and reliability of LABA7 shock dynamometers. Built by racers and mechanics, our products are made with focus on simplicity in servicing and tuning your suspension. You can test your shock absorbers at various speeds and see all the information in force vs velocity and force vs displacement live graphs.

Adjustable stroke 25—100mm

3HP-230V electric motor

Adjustable stroke 30—150mm

4HP-220V electric motor

Speed 31—3000mm/s

Adjustable stroke 30—150mm

10HP-380V electric motor

Speed 19—2500mm/s

Adjustable stroke 30—150mm

5.5HP-380V electric motor

Other products

Two 3 litre tanks

Adjustable pressure 1.5—3Bar

Maximum vacuum -0.98Bar

Adjustable stroke 0—300mm

Operating voltage 230V

Two 6 litre tanks

42L/min vacuum

Adjustable pressure 1.5—3Bar

Optional external tank