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4000 EUR


Plus applicable tax

Vacuum Bleed Pump PRO

— Two 6 litre tanks

— Possibility to add an external tank

— Fill three shocks at the same time (with the external tank attached)

— Programmable filling presets

— Intuitive control via a 4.3" LCD screen

— Low oil warning


The most advanced vacuum bleed pump in the market - programmable cycles, adjustable vacuum, pressure and more. There is a possibility to connect an external oil tank. Refilling the shock was never easier – connect, press the button, forget. 


Four filling presets

Automatically adjustable vacuum and pressure

Programmable filling cycle time

Accurate vacuum and pressure sensors

Language menu

Adjustable pressure

1.5 —  5 Bar

Maximum vacuum

-0.98 Bar


Two versions

220V or 110V


Two stage


Technical specifications

Vacuum Bleed Pump PRO

External tank

No oil changing needed. Have as much different oils as you wish with LABA7 external tanks. You just connect it to the vacuum pump and fill the shock with the right oil. Forget wasting time on changing oil in the tanks forever.

Programmable filling cycles

Save your most used or most complicated filling cycles as a pre-set in LABA7 pump and instead of programming it each time you will have to just select it from the list and press “start” button.

Up to 2 shocks filling at a time

You can easily fill 2 shocks with LABA7 vacuum pump and extend that to 3 shocks at a time if you are using the external tank. Just set the right filling cycles and press the “start” button.

Adjustable vacuum and pressure

Our PRO version of vacuum bleed pump has adjustable vacuum and pressure in order to make sure that you do not blow the seals of your shocks. Some of them require more gentle settings compared to regular ones.

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